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Friday, June 8, 2007

The wind........ is gone well sort of, LOL

Well thankfully the wind has slowed down here in Kansas. For a few days I was worried that if we did not anchor down the small children and dogs they might end up in Nebraska, LOL. You know it would have been awesome if I had a windmill in my back yard, boy the expense for electricity could have been brought down a bit. I know these things are a bit unsightly, but the money and natural resources they save I think well offsets they look of the windmills. They are not that bad anyway, they are kind of cool really sort a an architectural amazement. When I was a kid we drove up to San Fransisco a lot. We always were excited to come up the the hills where all the windmills were. There would be herds of cows grazing underneath and around them. SO I know it is not just because of the cows in Kansas. Oh well you know someday it may be that we have no choice and there are windmills everywhere. It is probably something we should have done years ago. California has had theirs for years at least 23 or more as I can remember and I know they were there before that., LOL not sure why I decided to chat about windmills today, LOL.

Have an awesome day and where ever you are remember if it gets awfully windy don't forget to anchor down the pets and small children.


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