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Friday, June 15, 2007

House destruction, I mean spring cleaning, LOL

You ever notice how you start out with good intentions and thoughts and then it seems that what was okay already but you thought you could make it better then it snowballs into a huge mess that looks like a tornado went through. LOL. Part of it is my fault of course, I have not actually gone through the kids toys in a couple of years or more, sigh........ There is a whole room of toys of course I have 6 kids, and well intentioned friends and family. And okay I admit it, hello my name is Amy and I buy my kids toys without getting rid of any old ones first. I tossed out broken ones but still have not yet gone through and gotten rid of what does not get played with etc. That will have to wait until I have more time. At least they are all in the play room. SO then I decided to clean out my closet, okay I admit it storage shed that is disgused as a closet from the outside. 4 storage boxes of stuff I need to deal with ahhhhhhhhh. SO now they are sitting in my room waiting for me to finish. I am also finally going through all the clothes we have and finding either people who can use it or it will go to a friend who is having a garage sale. OHHHH YEA and to top it all of we have been ripping out the old carpet. This house has hard wood floors in the house, and for some lame reason it was all covered with hideous shag, long hideous shag old hideous shag okay I think you understand just what kind of shag it was, LOL. So I am weary plus as two of my helpers are at camp, I am down a couple of sets of hands. Oh well.

I hope that everyone has a much more restful weekend then I am.


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