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Monday, June 11, 2007

It's summer time

It's summer time and camp starts today. Here is a pic of our cat Misty Speckles sitting with my DS duffles and sleeping bag. Apparently she is already to go. My DS who is 12 and my DD who is 11, are on their way to camp. Our pastor goes with them and they were pretty excited this morning. This camp has lots to do but is also a real blessing to the kids that go. I am happy that our pastor stays so that our kids have someone they know around if they need something. Next week it is our oldest turn to go and I know he is excited. Then we have 4th of July and my brothers wedding, then my youngeest DS 4th birthday, and then my sisters baby shower. This is all between now and the 15 of July, plus my sister is due before the end of July. My grandma from Ca will also be here from the 3rd through the end of July to stay until my sisters baby is born. Plus my two Marine brothers will be here for a couple of weeks. Yeah!!!!! Anyway I hope that eeryone has an awesome week. Try not to push too fast this early in of the summer, remember summer is a distance race, kinda like a marathon. LOL.
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