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Friday, June 22, 2007

The fruits of todays labors

Today I took a gallon of fresh from the cow milk(top pic) made @ a pound of cheese(next pic)then I skimmed the cream from another gallon and made butter(3rd pic) and then took the reuslting buttermilk(4th pic) and made a loaf of fresh bread(last pic)which is now baking, yes I did cheat and use my bread maker but I have 6 kids, LOL. I also need to finish 10 6x6 recipe scrap book pages, and finish a gift for someone. Not to mention 2 birthdays and that means 2 cakes made by yours trully, 4th of July, a wedding and wedding cake from yours trully, and then a baby shower to throw for my wonderful sister, plus the cake for that. Wow am I going to be baking alot. All this is by July 15th. Busy busy busy. Oh yes and tonight I am going to watch the new movie Miss Potter. I love Beatrix Potter. I even have a cute cookbook by her that has some of her early drawings in it. Anyway..................
Hope everyone has a lovely night and weekend



KSMM said...

Hey or should I say Hay? I recognize that milk!!!

Glad you are experimenting with it. Looks like butter!!!

Amy Ellen said...

Yup I made butter and all sorts of yummy stuff, my sister said hey you made everything for a grilled cheese sandwich, LOL. I guess I did.
; )