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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When does pinching each penny become a problem

Okay this picture is of the vacuum that did not suck, or actually it did figuratively just not literally. Someone gave us this vacuum over a year ago. It seemed to work okay and then it started coming apart. Well I thought I will just anchor it and it will be fine. So what if I had to vacuum at a funny angle. It still worked why spend money on a new vacuum when I still have one that works. Well my husband finally had enough of my penny pinching when he saw me vacuuming all bent over funny, LOL He forced me literally to have a new vacuum. We did not purchase a horribly expensive one. Here is a picture of the new vacuum.

Now here is where my penny pinching ways were shown to be a problem. All this time I have been vacuuming and thinking okay it did not get that popcorn seed someone dropped, but no biggie I can just pick that up. Well I discovered that not only did it not get the popcorn seeds, it really hardly picked up anything else either. I had vacuumed Saturday afternoon and on Sunday night to my horrible shame and embarrassment when my husband tried out the new vacuum, he filled the dirt container nearly half full in just the living room.

I nearly died of shame. How awful that I was leaving all that dirt behind. It is amazing what was being missed underneath it all. So sometimes we need to carefully reevaluate before we continue to pinch pennies. Sometimes the dirt left behind just is not worth the few pennies pinched.

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Sharon said...

That's so true! My husband and I are learning that! Sometimes it is better to spend a little more for the best quality and you do save money in the long run. The last two vacuums I have had I found at thrift stores! I got the best brands at a fraction of the cost. Both of them worked, they just had things stuck in them and my husband simply cleaned them out and they worked perfect! I like the bagless ones. I have been dropping hints to my DH that I would like a Dyson for Christmas though! :0)

Have a happy day!