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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well things have been going okay. I have been doing alot of baking and just trying to keep up. We have sold four of the puppies since I last blogged. It is so sad to see them go that is the hard part of having dogs and puppies. We only have one little girl left Buttercup that is who is pictured up there, ; ) Her last sibling left tonight. She has become much more lively now that the more dominate siblings have been sold. She was the smallest of the bunch and so just kinda tried to stay out of the way of all the bigger puppies. She is too cute.

We still have some things to move yes we have been here a month, but we have yet to empty the storage shed, SIGH!!!!!! I am not looking foward to that. I finally got over to visit my friend the KS Milkmaid last week. It was so nice to see her. I was delivering to puppies to their new owners and happened to be in her area, so I got to see her and we had a lovely visit. It was so nice to go out and visit on her peacful place. It is so much quieter out there.

I also got to pick up some soap. I had not been out there in awhile and was suffering soap withdrawls, LOL. I stocked up!! It was nice to just go and be an adult and visit with another adult lady for ahwile. I adore my kiddos, but some times it is just nice to be able to sit down and chat with someone without the interuptions.

It is raining here in Kansas again and I hear that the weather is suppossed to be yucky by tomorrow morning..... I am not happy. I must admit that on Groundhogs day, when they pulled the groundhog out of there and he saw his stupid shadow, I had very unkind thoughts towards all groundhogs. I have had about as much winter as I can stand. Where is spring???

I hope everyone stays warm and safe tonight. Will post some more here tomorrow maybe.

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