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Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Brothers the Marines

I am posting this for my brothers. My brother David the bottom Marine was shipped out early this morning @ 2 am. He had a quick stop in Maine and then on to overseas. My other brother Christopher the Marine on top will be shipped out shortly. My brothers, sigh..... I support our military and am very proud of my brothers and all of our service men and women. Does not stop me from worrying though. I can not help but see the baby brothers I carried around when I look at them. The song playing is of course the Marine Hymn. It is in honor of my brothers. I could not find a version with singing that I could stand. I need to get my youngest brother who is 7 to sing it on video and then post it. He went to my brothers graduation from boot camp and sang the whole song to them while on base. He received quite the round of applause I understand. Please everyone keep praying for the safety of our military. They deserve nothing less then our complete respect, and our prayers. And anyone who says otherwise like that nutty group here in Kansas who pickets the funerals, is just plain wrong.

God bless our military and God bless America.

Heaven knows we need it.

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