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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Feres Doctrine and why this should be changed

Here is a quick explination of the Feres Doctrine
The United States is not liable under the Federal Tort Claims Act for injuries to members of the armed forces sustained while on active duty and not on furlough and resulting from the negligence of others in the armed forces.

You will need to stop the player at the bottom of the page in order to hear all of this.

This video is hard to watch but is something we should all be aware of. Both of these young men like many others should have received better treatment. The people who made these mistakes should be held accountable. The men and women who give their lives for our country should receive the BEST treatment that can be found and when these kinds fo things happen SOMEONE should be held accountable. This is something that worries me. I have 2 brothers in the Marines.

These young men where not killed while fighting, these young men were killed through human error and or neglect. The second young man mentioned in this, Air Force Staff Sgt. Dean Witt was my husbands cousin. He had his appendix out, after being misdiagnoised 3 times prior at other hospitals, at David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base, in California.

We have been told by his wife is that a certified registered nurse anesthesiologist had removed Dean’s endotracheal tube and allegedly left him with a student registered nurse anesthesiologist. She noticed he was turning blue while moving him and took him to the nearest recovery room, a room used for children.

She tried to revive him with pediatric equipment, but it was too small to clear his airway. The certified nurse heard the code blue and rushed to help with other staff members. She tried to reintubate him, but incorrectly placed the tube into his esophagus. A doctor finally placed the tube in his trachea, but no other forms of airway management had been performed.

There is obviously some problems here. And because of something put into effect over 50 years ago, the families of these young men are unable to sue for medical malpractice. Something which any other citizen of the USA could do if there was just cause. Heck alot of people sue when there IS NOT just cause. And there definatley IS just cause here.


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