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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Oh how I love fall this time of year is so wonderful. The cooler air, the crisp apples, the crunchy leaves.. WE decorate for fall in the house, fall scented candles, and pumpkins and gourds, and fall colors of red gold and purples. And oh the urge to bake... Its like stopping the wind sometimes, LOL.
We are excited the annual church bonfire is coming up. With a weenie roast, roasted marshmallows, hay rack rides... The kids cant wait. they have a lot of fun running around with all the kids..

Love sitting by the fire.. Sometimes I feel left out being a odd one out as a single mom. Most people sit around in couples and enjoy the season.

Love carving pumpkins. We tend to stick with more classic type designs. Never have carved a huge castle out of a pumpkin.. :)
Apple pies.. This one I cut out maple leaves for the top and layered it on...

Gorgeous night skies..

Beautiful  color on the trees.

Apple crisps with ice cream.. MMMM

I love love love fall!!

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