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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall activites

I know I've posted before about fall activities. This weekend is the church bonfire and the kiddos are so excited!! We are making popcorn balls and puppy chow to take with to share. Always love making these things this time of year. The kiddos are looking forward to the horse back riding and the hay rack ride, not to mention the bonfire. I am in the process of sewing yet another period type gown for my daughters friend for Halloween. 
This was my daughters costume last year. This was also after a long night of trick or treating. Which is why one little boy looks darn tired. I am fairly good at modifying the patterns I have and making them into the design I want/need. May be in high demand for costumes one of these days! 

Well onward with the sewing.. 
Have a delightful night.

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