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Saturday, January 24, 2009


I must say I am so missing being able to read all the lovely blogs, that I used to stop by. At our library I can not access so many of them. SIGH...... We have been keeping busy with school work, still have kiddos, who DON'T want to read. Although most of mine really enjoy reading. I just have a stubborn 5 and 6 year old. I now have a teenage daughter, GASP..... My little and only girl is now 13. It seems like not so long ago she was an itty bitty baby. Time flies.

For part of her birthday we went to Miss Emily's Tea room at Riverside Cup of Tea. We always enjoy going there. They served a wonderful strawberry citrus herbal tea, called Angel Falls Mist. It was lovely. A beautiful pink color, and it was truly delightful hot as well as cold. The first course was a hot fruit soup. It kind of tasted like spiced cider. Yummy, then we had cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches, quiche, and spinach balls. Scones, shortbread, and 4 little desserts. The atmosphere is always nice and the services was terrific.

My husband and I took her out to dinner and to a movie the night before. The movie she picked was Hotel for Dogs. It was quite cute and I will rent it again for the rest of the kiddos when it comes out on video. Over her birthday weekend, she also had chicken enchiladas and Oreo cookie cake, which has not a speck of cake in it. It really is yummy.

Well gotta run for now.
Hope everyone has a delightful weekend.

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