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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Long time no see

Hello, I hope this post finds everyone well and blessed in this new year. My kiddos and I are doing well and things are improving after alot of changes we suddenly were forced to make... My daughter is now going to public school and doing fantastic!! I am so proud of her.. My boys are doing amazing. They played soccer again last fall and are improving more and more.. They are doing well in school and have made some great friends. I am now a doughnut and cookie maker... I go in so early in the morning, but it leaves the rest of my day free for my kids. I no longer have to be away from home while they are awake except right in the morning, but I leave work to pick them up and take them to school. So we have time to talk, and pray together on the way and start the day off well... Its working, even if mom is a bit tired, LOL! We were forced to move and were unable to find a home in the country. I have had to give up all of my dogs except my daughers. My heart broke.. I still cant think about them or I tear up... My daughter was also able to keep her elderly cat and her guinea pig... Life goes on.... I wish and pray blessings upon you all! Hugs Amy Ellen

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