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Friday, June 1, 2012


I am so frustrated. I had my wallet stolen today, I took it out of my purse to take out my drivers liscense, and had set it on the chair beside me. I stood up to go into an office and realized after a couple of minutes that I had left it on the chair. I went back out to grab it, and it was gone. There was a women siting 1 chair over in the waiting room. There were only 4 other people in that office besides me and none of them was near that chair except her, and the others where all in my line of sight. I called the police. And as the people in the office had her info, rather stupid on her part, the police have her info and she has been in trouble for doing things like this before. I have called my bank and now am busy contacting people I needed to pay and am asking them to wait as a hold has been put on everything... I AM SOOOOOO ANGRY... WHY ARE PEOPLE SO NASTY.... I CAN'T PAY RENT, OR BY GROCERIES OR PET FOOD, OR PUT GAS IN TO GET TO WORK... My son graciously purchased TP for us and put a bit of gas in. I am believing that all this will work for good... I am discouraged. I am working on forgivness... I am so so... Yeah....

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