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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hi there!

So I have been busy! Very very busy! We have moved again. I seemed destined to move a lot... LOL!! We are in a little house back in town and that's okay. Things are going well. The kiddos are out for summer and so far they are having a good time. I know that soon boredom will be setting in.. But they will have a soccer camp at the end of June.

We camped over Memorial Day weekend and had a lovely time. The weather was wonderful! The children had a lot of fun with their cousins. There was swimming and s'mores and scary campfire stories and bike riding and kite flying and of course lots of good camp food!
My sister Windi and I were discussing how we used to camp in a Volvo station wagon and wondered how the heck we managed it. W got to thinking that it was because we bare bones camped. 1 tent, sleeping bags, 1 cooler, 1camp stove, dishes, 2 pans, and minimum clothes.
This year I added a roof top container and was still trying to figure out how to haul more!! ROFLMBO! I brought 4 tents, 7 camp chairs, 3 air mattresses, 1 cook stove, pans, dishes, a basket full of health and beauty stuff, 6 sleeping bags, my pillows, sheets, and comforter, 3 coolers, 3 bikes, 1 wagon, squirt guns, kite, extra fuel, flashlights, lantern, skateboards, a backpack full of clothes for each of 7 people, 6 kids 1 dog and myself! Sheesh it makes my tired just typing that all out!
I am glad that my children are enjoying camping. Before the divorce, we didn't do many of the things we do now, as the children's father was just not into much of anything except his band. So we stayed home a lot unless the concerts were near by. So since the divorce we have experienced a lot more things. Summers spent at the pool, camping, wandering for wanderings sake, the boys are enrolled in soccer whenever the opportunities arise. We are enjoying life as it comes...

I struggle at my job. Most people who work where I work could not care one bit less about doing their jobs well then they already do. I have never experienced in my life the total lack of care in how things are cleaned, handled and done... I struggle with that. As someone who has OCD/perfectionist tendencies and especially when it comes to the preparation of food, it drives me nuts some times going in there... I am forcing myself to learn not to care... Its hard...

I recently was blessed by attending a wedding for a very happy couple and I wish them many wonderful years of great happiness. I am relieved that I have reached a point of being able to be happy for others and not just be cranky because I am alone.. This is a new thing. And its not that I miss my used to be husband, because I don't. That ship has sailed and I waved and wished it bon voyage!!! It is just hard sometimes to be alone. But I was blessed in that at the reception I sat with a wonderful couple from my church as well as my sister in law who was the photographer for the wedding, so I didn't sit with her all that much, but still. I was blessed to be a part of it!!

I am not sure what the future holds but I have hope!
Be Blessed Everyone!

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