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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Faith in God

When all of this started awhile back I was afraid and scared and worried about making mistakes that would scar my children. The Lord as always has been faithful in all things and his timing is immpeccable. Over three weeks ago I recieved a notice of eviction from Fannie Mae.

The short version of a long story is this 2 years ago my husband Tony and I were offered a house to even buy by some one in our church. It was in Hillsboro we had never lived here and knew no one but it had space enough for our 6 children and a fenced back yard. I grew to really enjoy this community. The people were friendly, the schools had and continue to do awesome work with my disabled son, and life seemed good.

Within the year things started turning. We found out that the woman we thought we could trust was not making the house payments and was just pocketing our 740.00 a month... The house was being foreclosed on. Then February of last year my husband of over 17 years left for someone who knew previously. Now I do not claim we had a bed of roses life...yes we had lots of struggles, but after 17 years and with 6 children ages 17 to 5 at the time, I did not see it coming. There were lies thrown out there that we agreed to do this before and then it was worse friends of his started spreading rumours to evne my church that I had cheated repeatedly on my husband.

That hurt badly, but through all that I have grown in my trust in God to take care of all my needs to be a husband to the widow and a father to the fatherless... that is how I saw my little family now.

And then back to the notice... We had been offered the chance to rent the house by Fannie Mae and then when they realized they already had lost money on this house and would have to repair things they evicted us. We were given 5 days to move out. My lawyers called them and they gave us 7 which is still not much time for a single mom of 6 who still has to keep working to try and take care of her children to move. We did not sleep the whole weekend, we moved things across the street into 3 storage units. Monday morning we had nmost stuff out of the house except my dining room table and few decorative items that I forgot and my microwave and then a few of our things in the backyard, my childrens sandbox, a fire pit, a couple of decorative items outside... When the realtor from McPherson showed up.

She refused to give me more time and even more said that in 45 min anything in the YARD even belonged to the bank. It was not enough that it was in the drive way and in the process being moved across the street. She wanted it sitting in the gutter. My neighbors let us just push the appliances into their yard and the rest we drug to the gutter. I now no longer own any of the things mentioned above. She insinuated that I had long enough like I had been warned and warned....excuse me 7 days is long enough?? And that this had to end.

So then as we are starting to drag stuff out of the gutter and into the storage units, one of the sheriffs deputies in all of his wisdom pulled me aside and insinuated that I should get rid of my dogs and then I might be able to put my kids first and afford to take care of my children. And that I was easlily spending 400 a month on pets.... UMMMM no never happend, I have small dogs, do my own grooming, and my vet gives me breaks on everything. Not to mention that my registered dogs and their litters of puppies ummm pretty much have paid for themselves.

I chose to say nothing as I figured that the amount of anger I had at that moment might not come out well and seeing their mother arrested after pouring out her outrage would not help my kids at that moment. And frankly none of this was about me not having money. That was never the problem. My neighbor bless his heart started in on how it is not my fault and the one who should be in trouble is the woman who did this to me by pocketing my money, the other deputy who had delt with her before on other stuff did agree.

Anyway so for nearly the past 3 weeks my children and I have been homeless. The first two nights the Hillsboro ministarial group put us up in a hotel, which was fabulous. You never know how good a bed feels until you have not slept for 3 days and also no longer have a bed. LOL!! Then we camped for a couple of nights the weather was good. The kids were with their dad for the next 4 and I just picked them up for school. Then we stayed with a friend and then they were with their dad and then their dad again and then a hotel etc and so forth.

Every night God has provided a place for my children that is safe and comfortable. They are still in their schools and clean and fed. People in Hillsboro, have searched and helped us. Many have offered us places to stay over night. Buisnesses have given me breaks and discounts. I have been blessed by Hillsboros generousity.

I prefer to have a plan not a down to the minute sort, but at least know we have a roof over our heads. In the last 2+ weeks I had cried, I have been exhausted, I have been angry, I have been worried.... And then I realized something...God has not left us. Each night we had a place to be. I am able to make it to work. The kids are okay. We spent some nice days at the lake, mornings watching the fish jump and splash, sitting by the lake in the sun with my hair drying in the breeze. All of these silver linings.

And this morning I was thinking okay God. I can do this. With strength through you this works. The kids child support pays for the hotel 1 time a week. They are with their dad a number of times, camping on some days and my pay checks cover all the gas and food. We are okay God. And then a couple of hours later I recieved a call letting me know that a 4 bedroom apartment might be avaiable until June 1st. I am heading out right now to see about it I will let you know how it goes.



Mygreenearth said...

I love you and I am praying for you and your kiddos. I know that things have been hard. Our church is also praying for you and your situation. God loves you. I miss seeing you at Marcia's. Due to my own situations I have not been able to attend as much as I would like to. I know in the end it will all work out.

Anonymous said...

I am so overjoyed that God has provided for you, not necessarily The Ritz, but He is saving that for later! Continuing to pray for permanent housing before the deadline! Love & hugs, Marcia

as always starzie said...

God bless you and your children! I will pray for you!


Darlene from Calif.

Lloyd said...

Sometimes all we can do is lift each other up to the Lord. I am praying for you and your children. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I would like to invite you to come over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings. Lloyd

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Adrift said...

Hi - came across your blog when I used the NEXT BLOG function - thank goodness you are out of one hurdle! God bless