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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 3, The Adventure Continues, The First Vacation Ever

We kinda took it easy on the morning of the 3rd day. We did a bit of shopping for a few groceries and ate lunch and then after lunch we decided to head to the things we wanted to see around Rapid City. First we visited the Chapel in the Hills. It really is such a lovely place. Surprisingly, it is actually at the back of a neighborhood. I imagine it was not originally near any homes when it was built as a lot of the homes in the area, look newer. However once you get up into the property, the feeling changes and you can not really tell that there are homes down below.
Elijah, Andrew and Joseph sitting in front of the Chapel in the Hills. It really is so beautiful. They allow weddings and things to be there. There are services weekly although I do not remember the times. Sorry.
The lovely entrance into the Chapel in the Hills. I could have photographed every inch of this place, well actually I may have, I just am not posting all of them on here. I love architecture and buildings. It's another art form to me. 
The alter up front. This really was such a wonderful peaceful place. There is a recording when you come into the chapel that gives the history of the building. And that is followed by music. I could have sat there all day and listened to the music playing. It was delightful. 
The ceiling was just gorgeous as well. I love how the light changes the look of the wood.
Some of the many beautiful carvings around the building. This was around the doorway when you come in. Again I am amazed by the detail and artistry needed to create such a wonderful place. 
David peeking through a window opening up by the altar. There was a covered walk all the way around the church. 

Andrew enjoying the wonderfulness of the the music and the surroundings. While I was talking pictures he sat down and just enjoyed the music.

This is the ceiling from another angle. I love the light and shadows and the beauty of its amazingly artistic simplicity. I really could have sat here all day like I said up above. There was an air of spiritual peacefulness here. If I could have I would have sat for hours. But the kids were onward and upward, LOL. 
There is a prayer walk up behind the Chapel in the Hill. It is a lovely little walk that climbs up higher and enjoys the trees and flowers.
Shooting Stars wildflowers. There were quite a few of these around the places we visited in South Dakota. I am assuming it is a fairly common wildflower there. They are absolutely beautiful.
A look up the prayer walk. It is a bit uphill although not a long walk by any means. 
My Joseph, he likes to take pictures like mom. He loves to be able to look back and say remember when??

Come to me and Rest. - Jesus
Lord, teach me to pray.
Trust God with childlike faith.
Pray for World Peace. 
Pray for children and for families.
Amen God hears our prayers.
Elijah and Joseph up at the top at the end of the walk. Kinda was wondering what might be under the big rock. Hiding place for something?? LOL. I actually was not too worried about that.
David deep in thought.. Or not..  
Andrew was feeling very cuddly after the prayer walk. Decided to give the statue a hug. :)

Next we went to Storybook Island. They had every childrens story you can think of, The 3 Little Pigs, Winnie the Pooh, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Cat in the Hat, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, etc. Right after we all got in there all of my kids felt the need to play in the sand, LOL. Yes that would be my 22, 19 and 18 year olds playing in the sand with my younger kiddos. HAHAHA But hey we may as well have fun right? 
Katelynn and David to the rescue!!      
                                                                                     Jonathan and think there are peoples behind you. In the house of the smartest of the 3 little pigs.
Andrew checking out the chimney in the 3 little pics house. I guess he was making sure the wolf wasn't getting in.  
Hmmmm a little bit of home right here in Storybook Island, Rapid City, South Dakota. Toto I  don't think we're in Kansas anymore. LOL. Oh, were off to see the Wizard the wonderful Wizard of Oz. 

Next we headed over toward Dinosaur Park. It is pretty cool. It is up at the top of one of the highest points in the middle of Rapid City. You can see Rapid City spread out on both sides of the park. Which is pretty awesome. I will warn you the road is narrow and twisty and on the side of well, a mountain. Okay, not the highest mountain, maybe, but it is a bit nerve wracking when you only drive in Kansas, which is fairly flat.
Run!!! Don't get eaten. :) Joseph, Elijah and Andrew, trying to avoid being dinner for a t-rex. ;)
David and Joseph just barely escaping. :)
One of my favorite pictures. Joseph, Elijah and David, at dusk, pondering life atop a triceratops.
David and Jonathan viewing Rapid City from above. It really is a breathtaking site up here in the evening. We drove back down to our cabin and enjoyed dinner and then bed. Everyone was tired after all day in the fresh air. What was wonderful is that there are so many inexpensive or even free things to do in the area. 

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Gail said...

Enjoyed the third day! Love Andrew's hug! ♥